Body Revival

  • Posted on: 27 Nov 2018

    Benefits of Body Revival

    Body Revival has the propensity to locate all abnormal diseases producing bad cells in the body which are detoxified and flushed out of the body through various routes of excretion and rejuvenating new healthy cells in its pla...

  • Posted on: 10 Dec 2016


    नमामि धन्वन्तरिमादिदेवं सुरासुरैर्वन्दितपादपन्भम्। लोके जरारुम्भयमृतयुनाशं, दातरमीशं विविधौषधीनाम्।। 1. Ayurveda is such a science which offers its self explanatory concepts about the homeostasis of human. The diagnosis, path...

  • Posted on: 11 Oct 2016

    Body Revival - The solution

    Indian System of medicine, Ayurveda is unique in recognizing at first rejuvenation, not only as possible, but assigning it priority over treatment of other ailments. To achieve rejuvenation, various body purification processes ...

  • Posted on: 11 Oct 2016

    Benefits of Ayurveda

    The world has surely progressed and is following the terms dictated by modern medicine. However time and again, human beings have come back to Ayurveda to lead a healthy lifestyle. With the help of Ayurveda, millions of people ...

  • Posted on: 11 Oct 2016


    Munir Khans invention Body Revival is a Micro-Herbal, 100% plant based formula which dissolves the harmful deposits and flushes out the toxins (Mala) through urine and stool. It also maintains and revives the tissue cells in the...

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